Empathy, Care, and a Fresh Start

At Cavern Kennels, we understand that life can sometimes take unexpected turns, and circumstances may arise that lead to the need for rehoming our beloved Scottish Terriers. Our mission is to create a bridge of hope for these incredible dogs, offering them a chance at a new beginning filled with love.

Transitioning with Compassion:

Our rehoming program prioritizes the emotional well-being of our dogs. We provide a supportive environment where each dog's unique needs are understood and respected, ensuring a smooth transition to their new home.

Transparent Histories:

We're committed to providing you with a clear understanding of a dog's background and needs. This transparency helps you make an informed decision and ensures the best match for your lifestyle.


How You Can Make a Difference:


Open Your Heart and Home:

If you're ready to welcome a rehomed Scottish Terrier into your family, we invite you to explore our profiles and connect with the dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Spread the Word:

Even if adoption isn't on your horizon, your voice can still make an impact. Share our rehoming page with your network to help these incredible dogs find the loving homes they deserve.

Contact Us:

If you're moved by the idea of providing a second chance to a deserving Scottish Terrier, don't hesitate to contact us. Your compassion can be the turning point in their journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

At This Time We Have No Scotties Avaiable For Rehoming.