Malcolm – Male Black Scottish Terrier Puppy – ADOPTED

Blair – Female Black with tiny milk spill Scottish Terrier Puppy – ADOPTED
June 28, 2023
New Puppies Coming In Fall!
July 18, 2023

Malcom - Black Male


I dream of cuddles and belly rubs like no other. Bring me home, hold me close, let's never part, Forever friends, with love in each beat of our hearts. Don't pass me by, for my love knows no measure, Together we'll embark on a joyful adventure. In sunshine or rain, through laughter and tears, I'll be by your side, soothing all of your fears. Let's build a bond, unbreakable and strong, Filled with wagging tails and playful songs. In this journey of love, we'll find pure delight, As companions, forever, shining so bright.